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Lizzie Clark (b.1986, London) is a freelance textile designer + creative consultant. Her work references traditional textiles in current times, mainly through the use of creative collage, sourcing materials, printmaking and painting. Her practice plays on the feminine and the masculine balance, both sophisticated and artistic. Her bespoke brand We-Resonate celebrates printed vintage silks, composing them into contemporary dresses whilst exploring balance and individuality. Lizzie is the co-founder of The Thoughtful Society, a salon-like gathering in South London to manifest creative + sustainable living in the everyday. In 2017 Lizzie joined Female Narratives the creative agency and collective. 

Lizzie has worked in New York and now in London under such direction of Sarah Burton, Alistair Carr + Sinha Stanic where her work at McQ Alexander McQueen ranged from the sinister romance of Goth punk to the nonchalant purity of minimalism. She draws references from photography and her discovery and collection of vintage textiles.

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